Jet Clear


LKNSC has searched for a technology that provides the benefits of microdermabrasion but is gentle on sensitive skin types without using an abrasive material. We are proud to offer the Jet Clear System of microdermabrasion.


The aging process inevitably manifests itself on the skin through the loss of elasticity, moisture and vitality. Water and oxygen are two constantly required elements for cellular regeneration and for the revitalization and reconstruction of the organism.

Oxygen is a product with special catalytic properties. Studies show that topical products require approximately 8 hours to penetrate the skin, and in several cases not all the dermal layers are reached. With Jet Clear, the products successfully penetrate the skin’s layers in only 1-1.5 hours. Another advantage of the system is that it accelerates the healing of the skin after the more invasive types of treatment, like laser hair removal or permanent makeup.

Jet Clear is the new generation of microdermabrasion. Using high pressure saline as the delivery system, the Jet Clear system exfoliates with a pressure that approaches the speed of sound. This high-pressure treatment can completely remove stratum corneum while simultaneously cooling the skin. This process leaves the client refreshed and the skin ready for product penetration. 

The Jet Clear System works on 5 simultaneous levels:

1. Profound cleaning: utilizing oxygen and saline water on a supersonic speed, the treatment will clean the skin of impurities, resulting in a bright skin.

2. Exfoliation: the dead layers of the tegument are comfortably removed, so the skin can regain its vibrancy and brightness.

3. Hydration: The jet contains water, oxygen and vitamins that hydrate and sooth the skin, offering a calming sensation.

4. Oxygenation: oxygen infusion and vitamins with a profound penetration in the dermal layers. The vitality of the skin is regained, the skin becomes a vital element for collagen production, which is the structural element for it’s elasticity and vitality.

5. Microcirculation: Jet Clear delivers water and oxygen with a supersonic speed to the surface of the skin improving the microcirculation of the treated zone. 


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